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What does a physiotherapy consultation involve?

A physiotherapy consultation involve the physiotherapist taking a thorough history of your problem which incorporates gathering information regarding the onset and progression of you problem, combined medical history, any past injury history and your goals. A physical examination will be then undertaken after which time the physiotherapist will provide you with a diagnosis of your condition. They will collaborate with you in determining timeframes to achieve your goals. Physiotherapy treatment may involve

  • education
  • hands on treatment including joint mobilisation and soft tissue massage
  • instruction in therapeutic exercise
  • identifying and modifying any predisposing lifestyle, work or training factors
  • biomechanical correction
  • taping
  • dry needling
  • electrotherapy such as therapeutic ultrasound

You are encouraged to have an active participation in the treatment process by asking any questions you have and let the physiotherapist know immediately if you are uncomfortable with any components of the treatment

Our physiotherapists place a strong emphasis on preventative healthcare. As much as we like seeing our patients, our focus is on providing our patients with strategies to assist in preventing injuries from reoccurring and being able to self-manage if symptoms do reoccur, so they don’t have to keep coming back for treatment