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Have you ever woken up with an inexplicably stiff and painful neck that will only turn to one side? You might have been suffering from acute wry neck, a painful condition following a typical pattern of symptoms. In the clinic, wry neck is classified as one of two different types – Facet or Discogenic wry neck. These have similar presentations, yet are caused by slightly different things and require different treatment.

Technically, the perfect computer posture is when you’re long and tall through the neck, with your shoulder blades gently retracted and your ears in line with your shoulders.

According to Marcus Dripps, Australian Physiotherapy Association president, “Desktop computers with the keyboard separated from the screen are really nice because they provide a neutral position of your body,”

“However, as soon as you tie to keyboard to the screen like with a laptop, you’re basically forcing your eyes and hands to be in a similar position, which places demands on both.”

Basically, expect to end up looking like something out of the The Hunchback of Notre Dame if you don't take care of your posture.

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